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Why Illustrate?

One way to make your video stand out from all the rest is to give it a unique look. While specialty cameras and well-composed lighting can certainly help with this, a hand-drawn illustration is something special. Fat Chimp’s team of talented artists have created illustrated logos, characters, and products for use in videos, websites, trade show materials, sales presentations and other marketing collateral. Creating a character through illustration gives the artist the flexibility to be as creative as possible, while adhering to existing style guidelines. If you can think it, we can draw it to your specs.

MTC Truck Driving

Our client MTC Truck Driving School had a very strong idea for the message they wanted to share. They’d identified a common misconception among recent high school graduates that trucking is a tough job with little reward. By sheer luck, they found a cartoon strip they thought explained the idea in very clear terms. They sent us the strip, and our writers and artists adapted it into a fifteen-second animated TV spot to advertise the lucrative potential in a truck driving career.

Ballpark Concierge

For products or services that exist only in the minds of their creators, illustration and animation can help bridge the gap from conception and fundraising until the big idea gets to market. Ballpark Concierge is an exciting new mobile app for sports fans, but when our artists sat down to tell the story in visual terms, the app was still in development, which meant we needed to create elements from scratch. Fortunately, our client had a strong vision for the whiteboard animation and helped guide our work to the finished product you see here.

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