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A Year of Video Production Adventure

2016 is a year of adventure. The Fat Chimp will guide you through the jungle that is video production. Your Treasure Map is each issue of our eNewsletter highlighting what is going on in our jungle: from client videos and behind-the-scenes shoots to marketing campaigns and amazing animation and graphics. First up:


Video Production Truths

There are a couple of truths about the video business:

  • Video is a powerful tool to tell your story.
  • No two stories are alike.


With that in mind, consider that video can take you anywhere the imagination can go. At Fat Chimp, the challenge is always in whatever is next. Consider some of these recent projects:


For a company called Doctor Care America, we recreated the client’s vision of providing a face-to-face client visit over the phone. With the help of actors as both patient and doctor, we staged a dramatic reenactment of what that experience is like. Result: Happy Client

Check out our portfolio to see more medical videos! >>



Everyone has had the unfortunate experience of going for a hot dog at a game just at the wrong time. A new app solves that problem. It’s called Ballpark Concierge and the concept is pretty simple. To illustrate the app, Fat Chimp created a whiteboard animated family, happily watching the game and enjoying stadium food on their own schedule. Result: Happy Client

Ready for warmer weather? Check out some of our spring sports videos! >>


St. Louis is the headquarters to a very fine company called DM Fulfillment – any size product shipped to anywhere in the world – on time and in perfect condition. Fat Chimp produced the video to show the width and breadth of DM’s reach. Result: Happy Client

See what DM’s Marketing Director had to say about working with the Chimps here. >>


When a client arrives, no matter what the request, we help them conceptualize their business for video, which is the proven most effective way to capture and educate new customers – no matter how diverse the company’s services.

At Fat Chimp Studios we are ready to pique the interest of your customers, anywhere, any place, and any time.  It might be Sunday somewhere. We don’t care.

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