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Five Ways to Showcase Your Product

Sharing your product through video is more important than ever. Do you know why?

2015 has brought Fat Chimp Studios a number of clients looking for videos to highlight their products and devices. For companies introducing a new product, updating the original, or looking to highlight a unique feature, the pressure is mounting to educate customers via video. Let’s look at five ways to showcase your product.    

1. The Feature Overview – Like a company overview, a product feature overview tells a simple story about a product or device. It establishes a familiar problem and describes how this product, this device has been developed to solve that familiar problem. This kind of video is effective for new products, products seeking to compete with a known brand, and products that solve a relatively new problem (e.g. texting neck). Danny Gray – Motorcycle Cushions >>


2. The How-To – For products that require some assembly, a How-To video may be the best method for helping customers build, install or configure your product. Companies that need to train employees, clients or customers on a product (e.g. a safety-regulated machine) need a how-to video that clarifies proper use. How-To/Training videos can be watch anytime and compliment on-site training. Giani Granite – Product Demo >>


3. The Details – Some products are special in ways no one can see. If your product or device has micro-components or functions based on science otherwise invisible to the naked eye (and the camera sensor), a video that uses 3D animation to explain these intricacies will highlight what makes your product stand apart, while also drawing the audience’s eye to an aesthetically-pleasing image. Rawlings – Worth 2 Legit Bat >>


4. The Process – In some industries, it’s no mystery what a product does, and for some customers, knowing how it works is beside the point. This is typical for industrial/manufacturing clients whose processes are as important as the end product. Often, a standard company overview video will also include a depiction of the time-tested, market-proven methods that make a product reliable. Rhein Precision – Process >>


5. The Release Event – If your product is new, or updates a product your customers already love, building momentum into a single event can be the guiding force behind an entire release strategy. Tech companies have launch events, movie studios have premieres: the Oscars serve as a product video bringing Hollywood’s latest to audiences. The ease and convenience of online broadcast allows any customer to tune in and watch your development team unveil the latest innovation. Computime – 10ZiG Webinar >>

Ready to embark on one or more of the five ways to showcase your product?
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