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Ways to Use Video

The Jungle Theater Presents: The Tropical Matrix

The team of Chimps traveled to several locations and used green screen to share why you should be using video in your communication strategy!

Video is the most powerful tool in your communication arsenal.

It’s more interactive than direct mail, more engaging than print ads, and more flexible than special events. And even better, it complements all three, ensuring you get the highest reach and best return out of each and every marketing tactic your company employs.

Video is more than just a television commercial, it can be leveraged to enhance a wide range of platforms and can accommodate nearly any budget. At Fat Chimp Studios we can help you uncover more ways to use video than you ever imagined, each one incredibly effective and fully customizable to your goals and audience.

There are seven main ways to use video, and our production team knows the techniques to ensure your video excels no matter how you choose to use your video.

In this edition of the Jungle Comic Strip, we show you a few of the ways you can use your new video. From commercials and training sessions to your website and social media, video is a valuable tool to add to your communication strategy! View the full comic strip!

7 Ways to Use Video:

  • Television – With hundreds of channels, thousands of messages, and that handy DVR fast-forward option, TV is a brutally competitive playing field. Your TV spot has to grab your customers’ attention and hold on tight! Fat Chimp Studios can produce an engaging video ad that promotes your message in a 30-second commercial or 30-minute infomercial to propel your company past the crowd on TV.
  • Website – Lure more customers to your website and keep them there longer. By integrating video, such as product demonstrations, service overviews or customer testimonials, into your website, it becomes a fully interactive sales tool. You can offer robust product information that increases your potential for long-term customer relationships and a boost in profits.
  • Email marketing – According to Forrester, when video is used in email marketing, the clickthrough rate increases by 200%. Announcing a new product? Incorporate a 3D walkaround to give your customers a sneak peek before it’s introduced to the masses. A great sale coming up? Show your product in action so your audience sees how it can benefit them, increasing your chance for a big sale.
  • Social media – Video is as much a part of social media as are selfies and food photos. Almost any video Fat Chimp Studios creates for your business can be shared through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and other social sites to help you get the most bang for your buck, especially once your video goes viral.
  • Training sessions – Getting employees together for training can be a logistical nightmare and a budget destroyer. Instead, engage them in training right from their desks, saving thousands on travel and personnel costs. In addition, on the customer side, product demonstrations and online training can help your audience use your products to their full advantage.
  • In-facility promotion – The best way to ensure your message is heard loud and clear is to broadcast it to a captive audience. Think of the monitors in your doctor’s office or the overhead TVs at your local grocery store. When your customers are sitting in your waiting room, waiting in line, or walking up and down your aisles, in-facility video is ideal for introducing them to new products and upselling your services.
  • Events – Let Fat Chimp Studios be part of your next event! Get more mileage out of every event you produce, from charity events to product launches, by sharing a highlight video with your customers. Thanks to high-tech video and Fat Chimp’s editing expertise, your audience will feel like they’re in the front row every time they watch.

At Fat Chimp Studios, we help you determine the best ways to use video before we ever yell action. We uncover where your audience congregates, in person and online, to produce a piece that speaks one-on-one to them, no matter where they watch it.

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