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Professional Audio Services

Make Your Video Project Singprofessional audio services

No video is complete without the audio to accompany it. Even the silent films of the 1920’s had musical accompaniment to set the mood and capture the audience’s imagination. At Fat Chimp Studios in St. Louis, the audio technicians and sound engineers on our  professional audio services team work side-by-side with our directors, editors and animators to create a corporate video that sounds as good as it looks. We combine experts in the field, top-notch audio equipment, incredible voice talent, and a complete sound library to make your audio pop. And if we don’t have the music or sound you’re looking for, our composers, musicians and foley artists can create a custom sound for you. Fat Chimp Studios audio engineers are dedicated to ensuring quality audio throughout production. We’re on set to capture voice talent during production, and in-studio, we manipulate and mix it so it sounds as robust as possible. We add in ambient sound effects in post-production to complement your setting, overlay the music to set the tone, and add in voice over as needed. Need an audio-only project? The chimps in our recording studio are specialists in producing radio commercials that jump out from your listeners’ speakers, on the road or at home.

How Quality Audio Makes The Difference

You may think video and animation set the scene, but poor audio can quickly drop the curtain on the success of your project. Whether your final video is running on a computer, on TV or on a movie screen, Fat Chimp Studios audio services experts help ensure your audio is crystal clear and draws in your listeners.

For more information on our professional audio services for your next video project, contact us today.

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