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Location, Location, Location

Choosing Video Locations

Your script is flawless, the actors are hired, and the cameras are ready to roll. Now you just need to pick the ideal setting to complement the message and goals of your video. A location that’s engaging, but not distracting, and that fully captivates your audience, placing them in the middle of all the action.

Choosing the perfect location can be a challenge: do you want to shoot on-location or in-studio? Is the location your office or somewhere else entirely? If you choose in-studio: are you using a green screen? Do you need a virtual set? Any location you choose comes with its pro’s and con’s. The chimps at Fat Chimp Studios, a leading video production company, can help you select the perfect location for your next project.

Lights, Camera, STOP…, Where’s the Location?

In this edition of the Jungle Comic Strip, we discuss selecting the perfect video locations for your next video project. From your facility to a studio or even green screen the location can set the tone for your video. Not sure what location is best? View the full comic strip!

Explore Different Locations


Studio build and custom
medical sets in a time lapse.

Green Screen

Danny Gray motorcycle seat using 3D animation.

Virtual Set

The Chimps in action using a custom virtual set!

On Location

A senior living commercial featuring helicopter aerials.

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