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Using Client Testimonial Videos

After a successful video project, we often go back and capture client testimonial videos. Many times it’s more important for future clients to hear from past clients what they experienced when working with Fat Chimp. We feel like the honest testimony from a client can hold more wait than just us selling ourselves.

We just finished a series of client testimonial videos, or case studies, to reinforce our message of why potential customers should work with Fat Chimp. In this last set of testimonials, we asked a worldwide distribution company, medical tools manufacturing company and a local bank to describe their experience with us. They all were kind enough to express their very positive outcomes with us.

The process to capture client testimonial videos is fairly simple. First of all we picked clients with very different business models to show our versatility in telling different types of stories. We offered the clients the option to come to our studio or for us to come to them. Two of the clients were happy to come and visit the Fat Chimp Studios, while the bank people preferred to appear in their own surroundings. We were happy to accommodate their wishes.

Client testimonial videos should be a part of your website. Just like the 5 star rating system for hotels, it gives your potential clients an unbiased opinion of the supplier they are thinking of doing business with. On video, the opinion is very detailed; you can read the emotion on the client’s face, and the story they are telling may strike a chord with a potential customer.

Client testimonials are relatively easy and inexpensive to produce, and having them on their own tab on your website may very well lead to more business. Does your website convey your whole story? Client testimonial videos can fill in the blanks for your next customer.

Contact us today to get started on your client testimonial video!

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