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Top 10 Ways Fat Chimp Sets Itself Apart

What differentiates Fat Chimp Studios, other than the name of course, from other video production companies?

1. Quality Work Within Your Budget – When people look at our work they recognize the quality right away, but what they are amazed at is that we can do something that looks like that within their budget.

2. We not only produce video, but we help you deliver the message – Whether it is on your website, part of an e-mail marketing template, or used at a live event, the marketing side of our business can help where others leave off.

3. Quick turnaround – Often times clients come to us with nearly impossible timeframes, and we find a way to meet or beat their deadline.

4. We are not a “Mom & Pop Shop” – Our talented team of producers; editors; animators; and production professionals coupled with our industry leading techniques can show you the benefits of a professionally produced video.

5. Experience – With more than 100 years of combined experience we have the skill set to take on projects of any size.

6. We do not shy away from competition – In business today video has become a commodity, and we always welcome the opportunity to differentiate ourselves.

7. We will work with your agency, or have the resources to be your agency - Many companies worry about their creative toes being stepped on, or become possessive over account control, we are happy to play the role you want and prefer.

8. On our location or yours – Our two in house studios serve as a great controlled environment, or we would be happy to travel to any location.

9. We believe that self praise is not a recommendation – Please review our testimonials or feel free to contact one of our customers for a reference.

10. Our name of course! Fat Chimp Studios has been around since 2006, and our name is designed to garner a smile and create a memory!


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