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Top 10 Video Applications

Fat Chimp’s version of the Top 10 Video Applications:

1.Website – We originally coined this the “24 Hour Salesperson” because video can be front and center on your website all hours and days of the week. Created with a Welcome To or an About Us, your video message can be a great way to make a first impression and give viewers more information about your company.

2. Client Testimonial – An adage of ours is that self-praise is not a recommendation, and the same is probably true for you. A client or customer testimonial is a more modest way to communicate why someone should do business with you.

3. Product Demonstration – “How To” written instructions and even .PDF illustrations have been replaced with a more interactive video format. Give your product the attention platform that it deserves with a video.

4. Facility Tour – Glide Camera Action; Aerial Shots; and 3D animations can help make any office setting, retail environment, or operation come to life.

5. Internal & External Training – Video tutorials make training your own staff both scalable and consistent no matter their location. To maximize the efficiency of customer service personnel, your Customers/Users, Channel Partners, and other 3rd party organizations benefit from video tutorials about your products and services.

6. Commercial Advertisement – 30 second or 60 second spots are not just for television broadcast these days. Pre-roll, retargeting, or direct advertisement has increased video advertisement options and opportunities.

7. Event Promotion – Engage your audience with pre-produced video features that enhance the live event experience and allow for repurposing in other marketing tactics.

8. Live Event Coverage / Capture – Streaming via the internet or recording for rebroadcast, your events can be professionally produced within your budget.

9. E-mail Marketing – Improve readership metrics and click through rates by including a video message within the e-marketing piece, whether it be an eNewsletter; direct e-mail; or prospecting message.

10. Webinar – Take your webinar to the next level by streaming it live or putting it through a post-production process that will differentiate it in terms of appearance, content, and quality.>

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