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Time Lapse – Another Option

Time lapse photography is not new. We’ve been watching sunrises and sunsets and flowers bending toward the light in fast motion for years. What has changed is the ease with which time lapse can be recorded and the ability to present a lengthy event in seconds or minutes with limited expense.

Fat Chimp has employed time lapse successfully for a collection of clients.

Building one of the largest studios in St. Louis:

  • Actual time 45 days
  • Screen time 1½ minutes

A building being demolished:

  • Actual time 3 weeks
  • Screen time 2 minutes

GO! St. Louis Marathon:

  • Actual time 2 hours
  • Screen time 3 minutes

Fat Chimp Studios recently built a new studio inside our facility at 2055 Walton Road. We now offer one of the largest sound stages in St. Louis.  To accommodate a medical client, we built 2 hospital rooms, a full sized hallway, and a waiting room.  We caught the whole process on a time lapse camera and can now brag about our new studio with the support of two minutes of seamless HD video.

How does time lapse work?  A camera with time lapse capability takes a series of still pictures over an extended period of time.  We needed to capture all the activity in the studio for two weeks.  We set the camera to take a picture every 5 seconds, day and night for 2 weeks.  When the pictures are combined, that 2 weeks lasted about 3 minutes. The video is here for you to view.

What was involved?  We placed the relatively small camera high up in the corner of the studio, out of the way, plugged it into the wall, and started capturing.  Because of the length of time, we had to change the SD card several times, but other than that it was set it – and forget it.  Outside, we employ a camera battery that will power a camera for several weeks.

We offer time lapse to our clients as another possibility for your video library.  If you have a building project, a product assembly process, or just need the sun to set quickly behind your building, time lapse may be a good option.  Could you do the recording yourself?  Time lapse requires the right equipment, set to record at the proper intervals, located properly, and watched over to make sure everything is working properly.  We offer our experience and attention to detail to make sure the recording is exactly what you intended.

Time lapse – a dramatic photographic technique that may be just what you were looking for, and FCS can make it happen!

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