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The Storyboard on Steroids


The ROHO Group, the largest maker of specialty seats for wheelchairs, has taken their technology to motorcycle enthusiasts. The new seat features their patented IST or Integrated Suspension Technology, a new comfort seat design to keep long hours of motorcycle riding from becoming a pain in the back….and parts lower.

It became the job of the Fat Chimp animation team to create the visual of a rider, and his bones, first suffering the pain of riding on a rough road, and then to show the comfort of riding on the new IST seat. As usual, the client wanted to see a storyboard that brought the concept to life in still pictures.

Our animator started working with 2D stills and quickly realized that the client would get a much better idea of how the motion was going to work if he put the actual storyboard in motion as well. This is called an animatic – a storyboard on steroids. As you will see in the video, as the motorcycle and rider (all shot in green screen) bounce along the virtual highway (all created by animation) the rider’s skeleton appears through his riding leathers. The IST seat is broken down into its parts, absorbing the rough ride and saving the rider from the usual pain and fatigue.

The FCS animation team did the animatic in such vivid detail that the client wanted only a few minor changes for the final animation. Although most clients know what they want to see in their videos, there is no substitute for pictures, starting with the storyboard, a lot of discussion, and moving to a final product that tells the exact story and a nice smooth ride down the road.

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