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MVP – Marketing Video Plan

Reaching your customers is more complex today than ever before. With the explosion of digital media the attention span of a customer is based on 30-second intervals and in most cases can be shrunk to five-second intervals. Your marketing message must be strong, to the point, and reach your customer in the digital space. Video is the ideal communication tool in most cases.

A Marketing Video Plan (MVP) is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, whether it is to contact and inform new customers, help existing customers get information about new products and services, or train your customers on maintenance and best practices.

In an effort to help our customers develop and use video for their specific needs, Fat Chimp Studios has developed packaged Marketing Video Plans that can be customized for each customer and their needs. This framework helps customers visualize the plan and understand the types of video elements available, the timeline to produce and the general costs of each plan.

Fat Chimp Studios provides MVPs in 3, 6, and 12 month plans. These plans can focus on the business as a whole (typically seen in a 12 month MVP) or can focus on a special promotion or specific campaign for the business (typically a 3 or 6 month MVP). In addition to customizing the chosen MVP packages, we provide consultation and execution on ways to deliver the final video products.

See examples below of 3, 6, and 12 month plans we have created for our clients.

Altered Grounds


Altered Grounds Outdoor Services, LLC. is a full service outdoor living company. They provide services that include: landscaping, excavation, lawn & landscape maintenance, snow removal, and salt & ice maintenance. These services can be broken down to include design, project management, property maintenance, etc. What separates Altered Grounds from its competitors is creative design and attention to detail.

Altered Grounds asked Fat Chimp to help them broaden their market reach and introduce their brand to more of the St. Louis region. FCS presented a Marketing Video Plan that included these video elements: commercial spots, short format & long format web videos, time lapse web video, message from the owners, and client testimonials.

Transitions Hair Restoration Consortium


Transitions is a group of hair restoration centers across America, comprised of 40 companies of varying sizes. These companies offer a variety of hair restoration solutions and pool their marketing dollars to help each other build stronger advertising and marketing campaigns.

These types of companies are trying to reach a market segment that is embedded in larger demographic groups. These groups include men and women of various ages and hair restoration needs. A broad advertising campaign is the tried and true method of reaching these customers. Fat Chimp recommended an integrated approach between broadcast advertising and web site media.

GCS Credit Union


GCS Credit Union is a full-service credit union located in multiple counties in Illinois. Founded in 1941 as a source of loans and basic savings products, GCS Credit Union has always focused on the member. Through the years, that philosophy has served GCS well, helping it grow from a single office in Granite City to a full-service financial institution serving the Metro-East area. They provide services including: regular banking, online banking, automobile & other loans, home mortgages, and investment & money management.

This video marketing plan will help GCS reach out to existing members and potential new members highlighting service offerings and their commitment to community outreach.


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