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Voice Talent Portfolio

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voice talentIf you’re not personally in your corporate video or commercial, who do you want representing your company? When putting voice to video, finding the perfect match can be tricky. The right voice talent sets the entire mood of your video, whether your ad needs the booming voice of an announcer or your online tutorial needs an energetic guide who can lead viewers and keep them pumped up about learning.

Let Fat Chimp Studios audio services department play matchmaker for your next video or audio project. The voices of our professional actors – men, women and children – can be heard on radios, TVs and computers around St. Louis and across the world. Each one brings excitement, energy and professionalism to any project, meeting each client’s unique goals and each project’s particular tone.

Listen to just a few voice talents who reside in our jungle and have stepped into our clients’ worlds. We can connect you with them and get you started on your next video project. Not hearing the right voice? Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the perfect voice actor for you. If you want to jump in the sound booth yourself, we can make that happen too! Come into our audio suite at our St. Louis studio to let our audio engineers help you sound like the star you are! For more information on all of our voice talent and audio services, contact Fat Chimp Studios today.

Voiceover Talent Examples

Whatever your project, your voice talent is ready and waiting for you. Take a moment to listen to some of the actors we’ve worked with in the past in our voice talent portfolio. From an excited child or soft-spoken guide to a robot or professional businessman, our diverse cast of characters welcomes you into our neighborhood.

Danielle Fornes

Josh Levey

Dana Daniels

Jim Sinclair


Brian Amador (Spanish)

Rosie Amador (Spanish)

Don’t hear the perfect voice? We can scout talent to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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