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custom sound effects

The Sounds That Set Your Story

A creaking door in an old house, the sirens and horns of a busy street, the murmur of an excited crowd – they’re the ambient sounds that identify the scene and surround your audience in your story.

Sometimes you luck out – the door where you’re shooting hasn’t been greased in decades or a fire truck screams by right when you’re shootin. But in most cases, capturing the perfect sound you need is impossible because of conditions beyond your control. When it comes to your video project, if the audio engineers at Fat Chimp Studios can’t get the right sound on location during production, they’ll work their magic in post-production to add custom sound effects to set the scene.

Custom Sound Effect Examples

While we have an extensive library of sound effects, it’s just not as fun as creating custom sounds of our own. Don’t be alarmed if you come into our studio and hear a high-pitched scream or breaking glass – it’s just a day in the life of our audio engineers. Whether we’re shattering, drumming, swinging, or smashing, we’ll try anything to pinpoint the exact sound that your video needs to take it to a new level of excitement.

General SFX Sampler

TV Tuning Intro

Halloween Sampler


Old Television

Creaky Sign

Opening Graphics

Footsteps in Grass

Over the years, Fat Chimp Studios in St. Louis has created a full library of custom foley sound effects for our clients. We’ve produced effects right here in our studio and traveled beyond our jungle to find the right sounds – the ordinary and the unusual – so each scene is engaging to both the eyes and ears. From a babbling brook to a sleeping child, every sound we add to your project is crisp and clean. Listen to some of our studio-produced custom sound effects.

Contact the audio technicians at Fat Chimp Studios to get started on your project today.

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