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Pump Up Your Video

Watching TV or listening to the radio, we’ve all switched the station during a commercial break after being blasted with loud music, annoying music, or the music that makes us think, “I just heard this on the last ad.”

The moment we turn off the commercial, the marketing message disappears right along with it. When it comes to your next video or audio project, don’t lose your audience because of your music selection – create a sound that’s all your own and sets a positive vibe with your listeners.

At Fat Chimp Studios, you can truly say, “I’m with the band.” At our sound studio in St. Louis, our personal songwriters and musicians can compose custom music for your project before our audio engineers and technicians mix it to perfection. Your music will match your objectives for your project, whether it’s serious, lighthearted or humorous, and engage your listeners from the moment the first note is struck.

The chimps are first and foremost music fans. And therefore, our tastes and talents are incredibly diverse. Get your audience moving with techno, take them to the country with a little bluegrass, or add some sophistication with soft jazz – at Fat Chimp Studios, we are a human jukebox. Take a listen to some of the custom music we’ve created for past clients below. Or better yet, contact Fat Chimp Studios to book your own jam session with our multitalented studio musicians.

Music for Every Mood

Use the power of music to put your audience in any mood you want – let Fat Chimp Studios create a one-of-a-kind soundtrack to set the scene for your video project.

Tense Synth

New Age Backdrop

Emotional Piano

Hard-hitting Piano

Climactic Measure

Building Strings

Uplifting Piano

Synth Backdrop

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