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Animation Services

 3D Animation, 2D Animation and Graphic Design

In the Fat Chimp jungle, there are no boundaries or constraints when it comes to the creative process. Fat Chimp Studios animation services department designers and animators take your biggest ideas and transform them into a 3D experience, morph your identity into an eye-catching logo, or bring animated characters to life. Whatever you can imagine in your world, becomes reality in ours.

While we specialize in graphics and 3D and 2D animation for video, our talents extend to all areas of communications and marketing, including logo, print and website design, so we can make sure your vision and message stick with your customers and prospects after every interaction. From concept development and storyboarding through animation design and video production, the Fat Chimp animation studio in St. Louis involves you at every step in our creative process.

Graphics and Animation for Video and Beyond

3D Animation
Our design monkeys can bring Hollywood-level special effects and technology to any project. Through realistic 3D animation and 3D graphic modeling, we place your audience at the center of the action, whether we’re creating product flythroughs, 3D renderings for medical, real estate, or interaction virtual tours. We can even build a virtual environment for your video in our studio, recreating any location in the world or building one from your imagination.

Take a look at our 3D animation reel which highlights just some of the work our creative chimps have helped turn into reality!

 Watch our 3D Demo Reel >>


2D Animation

Need an animated character to serve as your narrator or salesperson? Require animation to better explain a complicated process? Is your story too difficult or expensive to tell with traditional video? Fat Chimp Studios’ 2D graphic design and 2D animation experts can create custom animation and illustration through images, typography and character design.

Our team created this 2D animation to describe a patient’s process for using a VirtuOx’s home sleep apnea test.

<< See an Example of 2D Animation



Graphic Services

The right imagery can tell your company’s story in just one glance. At Fat Chimp Studios, we support your branding efforts with our extensive experience in logo design, website design/development, print design, and sales support materials. Paired with our video production services, our graphics design efforts evolve one idea into a comprehensive campaign.

Through 3D animation, 2D animation and graphics services, the Fat Chimp Studios animation services team boosts the impact of your message in every medium, from print to TV.

If you have an animation or graphic project in mind, contact our animation studio in St. Louis to start your adventure.

Want to see more examples? Visit our portfolio or join our email list to see the latest and greatest!

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