Casabanana Part 2: Video Budget

Published on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 15:56

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Will Ilsa be able to convince Victor that they need video? Will Rick make his case that the video's return on investment is worth the cost of video production? Find out in Casabanana Part 2. To view Casabanana Part 1, click here.

Video Transcript:

Narrator: Rick and Ilsa reconnect after a bitter falling out, and now she needs his help to make her next marketing campaign a success.

Rick: Do you remember Paris?
Ilsa: Of course I remember.
Rick: You told me video was a luxury, something you couldn’t afford.
Ilsa: I know what I said…I can’t afford not to use video.

Narrator: But will Victor stand in their way?

Victor: Ilsa, we don’t need him.  Why video, why now?
Ilsa: Victor, please.

Rick: Like I was telling Ilsa when she came to see me last night…
Victor: Last night?
Ilsa: Yes Victor, last night.
Rick: The cost of video production isn’t that high when you consider the potential return on investment.
Victor: This is ridiculous, I could shoot this with my cell phone.
Rick: You could stand on a street corner with a mega phone but that wouldn’t make you a marketing genius, Mr. Genius.
Ilsa: Victor, Rick proposed a budget to me last night.
Victor: Last night?
Rick: That’s right Victor, last night.
Ilsa:  The costs are all itemized precisely according to our needs. Professional crew, talent, post-production editing, delivery; it’s all there.
Rick: It’s a roundup of the usual suspects.

Rick: We’ll always have Paris. We lost it, but last night we got it back when you said you would use video for your marketing strategy.

Rick: Well chimp, looks like the start of another beautiful friendship.

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