Casabanana Part 1: Why Make a Video

Published on Monday, 04 February 2013 23:27

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Can Ilsa convince Victor that they need a business video for their marketing? Can she convince Rick to help her? Find out in Casabanana Part 1: Why Make a Video.

Video Transcript


Rick: Hey John.

John: Some people in the back are looking for you, boss.

Victor: How long are you going to plan to wait?

Victor: What makes you so sure that he is the right one to help us?

Lady (Ilsa): I have worked with him before. He knows exactly what we need.

Rick: Of all the video production studios in all the towns in all the world and you walk into mine. Last time I saw you was when we worked together in Paris.

Lady (Ilsa): That’s Right.

Rick: And I guess since he’s here you really haven’t decided whether to use video for your marketing plan.

Victor: Ilsa we don’t need him. Why Video? Why Now?

Lady (Ilsa): Victor! Please!

Rick: You know where to find me and Ilsa I’d prefer if you came alone.

Lady (Ilsa): We know our audience, we know our message. And we know that without video our marketing plan can never be completely effective.

Lady (Ilsa): Rick!

Rick: Do you remember Paris?

Lady (Ilsa): Of course I remember. I regret it every day, our audience could have been so much bigger, our brand awareness stronger, return so much greater, if we’d only used video in that campaign.

Rick: You told me video was a luxury, something you couldn’t afford.

Lady (Ilsa): You know, what I said, I was wrong.  Truth is Rick, we can’t afford not use video.

Background:  Next time on Casabanana- Will Ilsa change Victor’s mind about video?

Can Rick and Ilsa correct the mistakes of Paris? Will their new marketing campaign be a success?

Tune in next time for part 2 of Casabanana a Fat Chimp Studios Production.

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