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Producer Q&A: Corporate Overview Videos

Elliot Gallion on Corporate Overview Videos

Elliot Gallion has worked as a writer/producer on corporate, medical, industrial, advocacy, advertorial and live event content for web and broadcast.

We sat down with producer Elliot Gallion to discuss corporate overview videos. In this Q&A, Elliot addresses why they are key to an organization, how he goes about executing a project, and lastly highlights a recently completed corporate overview for Dynalabs.

1. Why are corporate overview videos important to an organization?

When an organization takes steps to conceive its video marketing plan, decision makers encounter a landscape of options. The multiplicity of release platforms and methods for engaging an audience create new opportunities that demand strong strategies. Some companies may need to meet their customers on-line, with videos optimized to share small ideas in a simple, direct way; others need to seduce eyes on the trade-show floor, or update their organization about annual results. Regardless of your particular needs, the corporate overview video—a basic summary of what the organization does, who it serves, why its methods have been successful, and how prospective customers can learn more—serves the essential purpose of introducing an organization to the audience it wants to meet.

2. What are the main elements you try to showcase in a corporate overview script? Why?

Often my first planning discussions with clients will refer to conventions of storytelling. Who are the characters? What do they do? What ideas inform their actions? How have they changed over time?

Consider this premise, from which we can pull everything we need to know to develop a corporate overview video: “For more than a decade, Dynalabs has been one of the leading testing laboratories in the US dedicated to the burgeoning compound pharmacy infrastructure, a commitment to excellence evidenced by their investments in research and innovation to develop new processes for balancing quality and efficiency.” This premise tells us Who (Dynalabs), What (testing laboratory), How (research and innovation), and Why (quality/efficiency). We also know the second Who—the more important Who, perhaps—the audience this corporate overview needs to address: compound pharmacies.

The Why of a corporate overview video should be the organization’s central value, which is typically a value the organization’s intended audience shares. The structure of any corporate video should be: This is Who we are, we do this thing you need (What), here’s How we do it better, and don’t you agree with Why we do it?

3. What challenges do companies face when starting to script and visualize a corporate overview video?

Knowing what needs to be shared with an audience is different from knowing how to share it effectively. Your video team should be able to help you translate your message for audio/visual presentation. For the Dynalabs overview video, our client wanted to highlight the company’s founding partners and the laboratory operation, so we worked together to choose interviewees from the company’s leadership, devised questions to capture the answers we needed, and outlined shot lists of laboratory prep and procedures.

It may not seem like complex math. If you are a laboratory, show the laboratory. If you have a machine that uses lasers to shape metals, show that machine being used. But how you show it makes all the difference.

4. Describe your approach on the Dynalabs corporate overview video—pre-production, production and post-production.

The tagline “Quality Assured” acted as our bellwether throughout the pre-production, production and post-production processes. As written during pre-production, the script began “cold.” Each interviewee would appear in sequence to describe in brief what “Quality Assured” means to them. During production, we devoted extra interview time to ensuring the interviewees’ answers to “What does Quality Assured mean to you?” were unique and specific enough for our editor to cut from one to the next without risking repetition. Once we sat down in the suite, however, we discovered the “cold” opening created too many immediate questions—who are these people, why do I care about them?—and distracted from the statements we’d spent extra time shaping during shooting. To solve this problem, we created a short b-roll sequence that ended with a 3D text rendering of “Quality Assured.” This provided the context we needed for the interviewees’ statements and eliminated any potential audience confusion. Although our first idea didn’t work, following the central idea (“Quality Assured”) helped us re-shape and improve the final video during post-production.

5. What is your favorite part of the Dynalabs corporate video or project?

Three months after completing it, a few elements of the Dynalabs corporate video stand out to me. I am impressed by the work our production team was able to do within the laboratory. The interviews—the framing, the lighting, the chosen bites—flatter their subjects. On a story level, I feel the video successfully balances technical information (compliance, lab processes) with the personal journey of the company’s founding partners. Perhaps for these reasons, Dynalabs has received many compliments on the video, which is featured on their website and appears at trade shows around the country.

Now that you’re heard all about it, watch the Dynalabs video for yourself here.



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