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Please take a moment to venture into our gallery of work and see first-hand how this St. Louis video production company combines the best in technology, talent and creativity to develop video and audio projects that make industry leaders out of our clients. Whatever your mission, your market or your audience, Fat Chimp Studios is your video production partner. It’s a jungle out there for marketers. Your rivals are continually vying for your customers’ attention and domination of your industry. To race to the head of the pack, you have to get creative with your communication efforts and make sure your message is heard loud and clear. Video is one of the most effective ways to stake your spot as king of the communication jungle – and Fat Chimp Studios is the pack behind you. As a St. Louis video production company, Fat Chimp Studios is both a local production studio and a national leader in corporate and special event video. Companies in every industry, including medical, consumer goods, industrial, and athletics, have started their expeditions into video at our St. Louis studio, generating new fans and big sales.

Ballpark Concierge

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Doctor Care America

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Virtual Doctor Visit


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Event Management Software

Fat Chimp Studios

Medical Demo Reel

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Fly Over Animation

3D Building Model


Truck Driver Training

:15 Commercial


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The power of plants.

TheBANK of Edwardsville


Customer success.
Fat Chimp Studios is your dedicated tour guide on your video journey, uncovering opportunities you always wished for but never expected. From immersive eLearning experiences to product demos to award-winning commercials, our experience and our client base are extremely diverse. Our productions have lit up the jumbotron at big league sports stadiums, burst from viewers’ TV’s, and graced millions of computer screens around the world. And we strive to ensure each video is as captivating as the company behind it.
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