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Introducing Our Mobile Production Unit

mobile production unit

Fat Chimp Studios is taking its production capabilities on the road. Introducing the creation of Fat Chimp Live and our Mobile Production Unit. The recently completed broadcast TV truck is a fully self-contained control room housed in our 40 foot state of the art converted RV. What does this mobile video unit mean for your business? Your next major event, product announcement, message from the CEO, corporate meeting, teleconference, or webinar can now be streamed and viewed by employees and customers across the world. We are already streaming live soccer and live chess for two St. Louis clients, and are soon to transmit live coverage of an alternative energy conference to interested people everywhere. With our fully functioning control room we provide multiple camera coverage, full graphics support, complete audio mixing, and custom streaming capabilities. It may sound expensive, but you will be surprised at what is available to you at a very affordable price. And when you consider the marketing reach of taking your message around the world live, the cost savings are considerable. We can also offer two way conversations from remote locations. Imagine a CNN style conversation between your top executives and experts or customers anywhere a phone or Skype line is available.

Our Mobile Production Unit can pull into your parking lot next to your meeting space and be ready to broadcast or record your event with minimal disruption to your facility. No more making space in your meeting for bulky video equipment. Except for the cameras in the room, most of our equipment remains outside in our mobile control room where our broadcast professionals are giving your event the network quality production that you can be proud to broadcast. And here is a special note to sports teams: You can’t afford to buy your way on to a local sports outlet, but with the Fat Chimp broadcast TV truck, you can stream your event to followers of your sport anywhere in the world. The new model for broadcasting many events is by streaming, targeting the audience you want to reach, for viewing on TV screens, computer screens, and smart phones in full HD quality. Here are a couple of current clients that Fat Chimp serves:

Soccer. New to St. Louis, the USL professional soccer league’s Saint Louis Football Club is streaming home games to a wide audience around the city and around the country.

Our 6-camera coverage includes a wireless camera that roams the sidelines capturing player and coaches in action. In the control room, our professional crew keeps accurate stats for graphics as well as all the replays of great goals and saves. The shots of the large crowds give the viewer the feeling of being there, and promoting ticket sales and upcoming games supports the clubs marketing efforts.

See a clip of, St. Louis Native, Brandon Barklage’s goal against Pittsburgh! >> 

Chess. We are proud to claim The St. Louis Chess Club as one of our most successful clients.  St. Louis has become the center of chess in America, and the Chess Club holds several major tournaments every year that include the highest rated chess players in the world. As the shows are aired we receive tweets from viewers around the world complementing us on our first move to last move coverage. Using up to 15 cameras aimed at 30 competitors, the chess commentators keep the commentary lively. With the Fat Chimp mobile production unit we produce a network quality show which has gained the attention of the chess audience around the world.

See a clip of the tournament! >>

We invite you to find out more about the new Fat Chimp Mobile Production Unit and all the capabilities that are waiting to take your event from a local on-site experience to an audience around the world. Let us expand your sales and marketing efforts in a dramatic way. You’ve thought about it. Now the possibilities are here. Contact us to find out how we can make live streaming a big part of your next event.

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