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Business Video Production in St. Louis

At Fat Chimp Studios in St. Louis, monkey business takes on a whole new meaning. Our hardworking and experienced team of business video production experts transforms a single idea into a multimedia project that blows your viewers away.

Sure, we have fun bringing your story to screen, but there’s no monkeying around here – we take every step of the process seriously to meet your goals and budget.

Since starting our expedition in 2006, our combination of talented team members continues to be unique to the St. Louis market.

Our chimps possess more than 200 years of combined experience in all different backgrounds – video production, virtual reality, live broadcast for both news and sports, media streaming, and audio engineering.

Team members have worked with the Olympics, The Phil Donahue Show, major sports leagues, NBC, Bud Sports, and a variety of Fortune 500 companies. We’re directors, producers, animators, scriptwriters, and on-air talent who are all focused on your specific video goals.

Video Production in St. Louis, Clients Around the Globe

Every team member works together building on our past experiences, and continually strengthening our skills. It’s this collaboration which produces top-quality digital media projects. From a single video produced in a couple of days to large projects spanning months and hundreds of hours of video, Fat Chimp Studios brings the same attention to detail and superior customer service to every project regardless of the client’s size or budget. While every project is unique and every company different, at the end of the day the result is the same – to build an unmatched connection with every viewer.

Fat Chimp Studios has created corporate videos, commercials, online training, eLearning projects, documentaries, animations, and sales materials for clients of all sizes and in all industries. We work with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the country and small St. Louis nonprofits that touch our hearts. We also have partnered with universities, sports teams and restaurants to create top-quality projects. Some of our current clients include Watlow Electric, Elsevier, Rawlings, Hans Wiemann, and Tyson Foods.
Visit our video production portfolio to view our chimps’ incredible work.

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Mission Statement

By combining diverse talents and industry-leading technology, Fat Chimp Studios tells each client’s incredible story to the world through brilliant video, audio, and graphics. Our focus is on superior customer service, producing quality communication projects that meet our client’s budget and exceeds their expectations. We love a great story and want to shout your’s from the mountaintops!

Contact the Fat Chimp Studios video production studio in St. Louis to see how entering our monkey house can help you rule today’s crowded marketing jungle.

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