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As you explore the imaginary world of FCS General, we’ll give you a real-world look at what it takes to develop an idea that tells a story and shares a message. You’ll get unique insight into the craft and process our talented artists use every day, regardless of the project at-hand. This is how the team at Fat Chimp Studios delivers high quality video to clients. Go behind-the-scenes of Healthy Hearts, an animated soap opera series starring a lovable cast of characters. It’s General Hospital meets Planet of the Apes.

Will Nurse Supervisor Anne Bidder stand in the way of young love? Why is she so bitter? Find out in Healthy Hearts – Episode 2 Golden Oldies.



Episode 2: Golden Oldies

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Why illustrate? One way to make your video stand out from all the rest is to give it a unique look. While specialty cameras and well-composed lighting can certainly help with this, a hand-drawn illustration is something special. Fat Chimp’s team of talented artists have created illustrated logos, characters, and products for use in videos, websites, trade show materials, sales presentations and other marketing collateral. Creating a character through illustration gives the artist the flexibility to be as creative as possible, while adhering to existing style guidelines. If you can think it, we can draw it to your specs. See examples of videos we have used illustration for! >>

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It all starts with the script. At Fat Chimp, we use a TV-style double-column format. Descriptions of what the viewer sees are inserted into the video column; in the audio column, all voiceover/narration, dialogue and sound effects are listed. Organizing the story by elements makes it simple for artists, engineers and technicians to determine what’s needed to do their job.


On next week’s episode, prepare to have your heart strings plucked. Dr. Jane Allgood’s romance with Nurse George Harryson is given its toughest stress test yet. FCS General may never be the same. View Episode 3: Graft of Love! >>


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About Us


FCS Medical, a division of Fat Chimp Studios based in St. Louis, MO, has produced hundreds of hours of high-quality medical video content. Since 2011, we have met our clients’ full-service video production needs to create training, product and service videos, as well as content for patient education. We’ve worked hands-on with doctors, nurses, administrators and patients in world-renowned hospitals, and we’ve also built a hospital—set, that is—in our studio. Our level of experience makes us uniquely qualified to make your project a success. View our medical demo reel below.


Our 3D chimp character has been a staple of special Fat Chimp projects for years. Modeled by our animator in a software called Maya, this same process can build logos, products and virtual sets in three dimensions. We keep asking for a fourth dimension, he keeps saying it’s not quite ready. Fortunately, the possibilities for 3D design are limitless.


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