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FC Gravity

Our Background

FC Gravity, formerly known as CMS Solutions, is now part of the Fat Chimp Studios family of companies. For many years Fat Chimp Studios used CMS Solutions’ lead generation services to expand their own customer base. Through call center campaigns and email marketing, campaigns CMS Solutions helped Fat Chimp Studios double their video production business. With this firsthand experience and customers expressing the need for help in sharing their videos to generate leads, Fat Chimp Studios seized the opportunity to bring these services in-house.

With the combined power of Fat Chimp Studios and FC Gravity, we provide customers with comprehensive marketing, lead generation, advertising, and video production services all in one place.


  • Call Center Campaigns – Our Customer Success Representatives take and make the phone calls that your sales team can’t, won’t, or don’t want to make. A professional interaction to educate and filter contacts, getting leads to your sales team now, while our team continues to nurture and filter your contact list.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns – Whether you want to re-engage contacts in your database, nurture your existing prospects, or generate new leads, email marketing is an efficient, cost-effective option. We help you develop both prospecting and nurturing campaigns to stay in front of your audience.
  • Advertising Campaigns – Both traditional and digital advertising can help you reach your market whether broad or specific. We help you develop the right mix of advertising to compliment your other lead generation activities.
  • Video Production Services – See a full list of the video and digital media services provided by Fat Chimp Studios. Then head over to their portfolio to see a sampling of their latest work.

While our marketing team is busy preparing to launch our full site the rest of our team is ready to create content, deliver it to your audience and generate leads for your business today! Contact us now!

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