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Why work with FC Gravity?

Call centers and cold calling seem to be getting a bad rap in today’s business world, some are even saying that the days of cold calling are dead. The approach we take at FC Gravity, whether we are cold calling a researched list or reaching out to customers for an event, removes the “negative connotation” and shows businesses how professional calling strategies and behaviors can grow their sales.

Equally as important to the approach and behavior of the caller is the credentials of the company doing the lead generation. What differentiates us from other lead generation companies? We’ve come up with a top 10 list and would welcome the opportunity to show you what it’s like to work with us.

1. Experience – Our team of Call Center Representatives, located in St. Louis, Missouri, have made over 2.5 million dials to contacts in industries ranging from healthcare and technology to software and education.

2. Lead Generation – The definition of a lead is specific to each company we work with and sometimes even specific to a particular campaign. We consult with your team to define your definition – hard appointments, contacts using a competitor, those with some interest in learning more about your products, or individuals who want to attend your event. See our lead generations services here. >>

3. Scalable – Whether you need to reach out to 500 contacts or 5,000 contacts we scale our team to meet your needs and save you from hiring additional staff for temporary projects or seasonal work.

4. Flexible – While having a plan and timeline in place is always nice; it’s not always realistic. Sometimes projects come up last minute or you need a final push before a big deadline. With this in mind, we try to be as expedient as possible with the flexibility of having projects start within 24 hours.

5. Proof-of-Concept Campaigns – We see the most success with companies who have a consistent lead generation effort but getting comfortable working with a new company can take time. Instead of signing long term contracts on day one, we do proof-of-concept campaigns to get to know one another and set expectations for future campaigns. See an example call campaign prospectus.

6. Market Insight – Each call we make is an opportunity to learn more even if the contact isn’t a lead. We ask questions to better understand the market and improve future campaigns. See example market insight questions here. >>

7. Integrated Strategies – Coupling call campaigns with other marketing efforts like email campaigns, direct mail pieces, and event recruitment is a proactive way to generate leads and get the most out of all of your marketing efforts.

8.  Metrics & Reporting – See the progress of your campaign with our real-time statistics access and get in-depth full campaign metrics and ROI to see what’s working and how to increase future campaign success.

9.  Training – Our Call Center Representatives serve as an extension of your team, so it is important that you are comfortable with the rep calling. Meet, talk, and train with your caller to ensure they reflect your company’s culture and approach to communicating with customers and prospects alike.

10.  Attitude – Sales people typically don’t like making cold calls because you hear “no” A LOT; it takes a specific mindset to make these calls and our people are determined to find the people that have a need for your services.

Learn more about our call campaign services and contact us today to get started.

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