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Top 10 Advantages of Email Marketing

Reports of email marketing’s death are emphatically not true. According to a Gigaom Research study, marketers consistently ranked email as the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention.1 Email marketing is consistently among the top ranked marketing channels in terms of ROI and brought in $44.25 for every dollar spent in 2014.2

Year after year, companies are turning to this reliable, cost-effective format to reach prospects and customers alike. At FC Gravity, we employ email marketing as a primary method for our clients to reach contacts because of its value:

  • Measurable (results can be definitively tracked, measured, tested, and proven)
  • Proactive (initiated by business goals and strategic vision)
  • Behavioral (driven by prospects’ actions)
  • Integrated (leverage existing strategies and processes to maximize effectiveness all around)

Here are more reasons email marketing is considered one of the most effective tools in any marketer’s toolbox.


  • Low Cost



The cost of email-based marketing can be one of the lowest of all your marketing options. Solid list and content management strategies can help lower this cost even more. Other online marketing methods like pay-per-click or cost-per-impression can increase in cost based on keywords you are targeting and what competitors in your industry are doing. Compared to the expense of traditional mail marketing, savings are even greater when you consider the printing and postage costs. Email marketing allows you to be in control and see where and how your marketing dollars are being spent and contributing to your ROI.


  • Measurable Results



Using innovative tracking systems, email marketing allows you to know exactly how many people receive your message, how many open it, how many actually click on the links and calls to action contained within your message, and exactly who is opening and clicking. Armed with this knowledge, you can make adjustments and improvements to subsequent emails.


  • Precision Targeting



Send emails exactly where you want them to go. You can easily create segmented lists and direct different messages to designated groups. You can collect email addresses from a number of sources, including your existing customer database. Adding a “mailing list” form to your website is a great way to build a list of users who are interesting in hearing from you.


  • Interactive



Email marketing, such as newsletters, doesn’t limit you to simple, static content. You can include video, polls, and more. These tools provide multiple ways to engage your customers and ways for you to learn more about them.


  • Strong Calls to Action



Email marketing has the benefit of making it easy for recipients to show interest and take action. A click on a “Read More” button shows they are engaged in your content. A click on a “Get a Quote” form or a reply to your message shows the recipients high level of interest. Compare this with traditional forms of marketing like direct mail or radio spots in which the recipients have to remember your website or phone number to take action. That is, if they don’t get distracted and forget before they are able to learn more about your offerings.


  • Highly Personalized



Use your database to easily greet recipients by name or include their company name when asking to learn more about their business. Make them feel that they aren’t receiving a generic mass email.


  • Time and Venue Shifting



Recipients can read your message on their own time and on the device of their choosing, whether that means in a traditional email inbox, on a tablet, or on a smart phone. This freedom increases open rates and engagement rates. Optimizing your email templates for mobile devices is a must.


  • Database Management



Your database is one of your company’s most valuable assets. It is often, also, one of the most neglected. By implementing an email marketing strategy and workflow you can stay top of mind so when your prospects are ready to purchase they purchase from you. As a result of this strategy you will also be cleaning data (updating old contacts, removing bad email addresses, etc) and gaining valuable market insight (are they using a competitor?, What’s their biggest challenge?, etc) as you generate leads for your sales team.


  • Instant Response



Most recipients will read your message within minutes or hours of delivery. You can know the success of your campaign the same day you send it instead of weeks down the line.


  • Simple & Easy To Get Started



No need to coordinate designing, printing, and mailing, as is necessary with traditional mail marketing. And unlike other forms of online marketing, you don’t have vague targets and results. Email marketing is straightforward: send a message to a targeted list of recipients and get immediate results. Simply write the message and press send.

Getting started with your email list is simple. You probably even have a huge database of email addresses already. Think about all the sources for contact information: your current system, your smartphone contacts, and your LinkedIn connections, just to name a few. And, surely, you have at least a handful of company news, special offers, or other pieces of information you want to share with your contacts.

Contact FC Gravity today to get started on your next email marketing campaign!

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