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A Successful Event Formula


Your company is about to hold an event, a conference, a trade show, a new product roll out, or maybe just a thank you open house. It’s a great way to reconnect with current customers and attract new ones. The challenge is to get people there. No reason to schedule an online webinar if you’ll only be talking to a handful of the hundreds of customers you need to reach.

Welcome to FC Gravity. Your marketing people are great at creating events, we’re the experts at getting them filled up. With a proven multiple approach to finding and inviting customers and prospects by email and call campaigns, your event will attract not only larger numbers but quality contacts – those that will be most interested in your product. Potential attendees will know exactly what to expect from your event. FC Gravity will provide you a comprehensive list of guests, what companies they represent, and the total numbers that have committed to attend. No more hit and miss on who, how many, and the quality of the contact.

The event can go just as planned, but without follow up, your efforts may go unrewarded. FC Gravity will use contact information to not only thank attendees for their time, but give them a plan of action to further engage with your team on next steps. You found the right customers.  Now it’s time to complete the deal. The FC Gravity team has experience in mining contacts for hundreds of successful events large and small. Don’t hope that yours will be successful. Let us make it happen. Contact us today!

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