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WebBannerTemporary2Sales Qualified Leads vs Marketing Qualified Leads

A lead is a lead is a lead. Well not quite. Some leads fall clearly into a sales lead category while others need a little less urgent attention. Those are marketing leads. There are some telltale signs on how leads should be handled. At FC Gravity, this is exactly what we do. We filter through large lists of contacts and identify what type of lead they are – Sales Qualified Lead (SQLs) or Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs).

Sales leads exhibit these characteristics:

  • The potential client is beyond the point of curiosity about your product or service.
  • They have expressed an interest in committing time to learn more by attending a webinar, scheduling an appointment or watching a demo. There is a clear indication that these types of leads are ready for a deeper engagement.
  • There is certain urgency to that type of potential customer. You need to get in before their interest wanders – hopefully not to your competitor. A Sales lead needs immediate attention.


See the full chart on how we characterize SQLs here >>.

Marketing leads exhibit these characteristics: 

  • If a potential client has clicked on a newsletter but hasn’t yet contacted sales, some further marketing attention should be applied.
  • A marketing lead might mirror characteristics of current clients, leading you to start the process with marketing tools like an informational email, a case study of a similar company that has experienced success with your program, an invitation to a tradeshow, and inclusion in your eNewsletter campaign.
  • For many marketing leads, it might be a matter of timing. They’re not ready to commit right now, but when they are ready, you need to be their first point of reference. Targeted marketing will keep you in front of a marketing lead. Which often turn into sales leads and new business.


See the full chart on how we characterize MQLs here >>.

Your sales team is poised to jump on Sales Qualified Leads once they have been identified. Your sales team doesn’t have the time, resources, or discipline to keep up a constant drumbeat for a Marketing Qualified Lead. And they shouldn’t. You want their time focused on top prospects they can close now. While the MQLs are the job of FC Gravity – nurturing those contacts into sales leads.

FC Gravity is in the art and science of making your sales work at full potential. Separate and conquer. Let FC Gravity lead the way. Contact us today to get started!

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