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Market Insight

An important part of any call campaign is the market insight gained through speaking with both prospects and those who aren’t interested in your product or service. This information can be used to improve your product offering, add additional services, give your sales team an added edge and increase the effectiveness of your next campaign. Below is a sampling of the types of market insight questions that can be included as a part of your lead generation campaign.

Competitor Insight

  • Are you using a competitor?
  • Are you satisfied with their products/service?
  • When do you evaluate alternatives?

Customer Insight

  • What do you see as the top benefits of our product?
  • What enhancements would be beneficial to your organization?
  • Are you using our software as a stand alone or integrating with other solutions?

Product/Service Implementation

  • When are you looking to implement a solution like ours?
  • What are the top challenges facing your company in this area?
  • Have you tried similar solutions in the past?

Improved Database

  • Is there anyone else in your organization I should also be speaking with?
  • Can I confirm your email address and direct line?
  • Would someone in your professional network benefit from speaking with us?

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