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FC Gravity Call Center

Call Center Campaigns

More than a call center, it’s a complete, integrated call system.

Call campaigns are the most efficient way to engage prospects in value-based conversations. They generate in-person meetings, get demos scheduled, and acquire attendees for webinars, seminars and trade shows. They also build your sales pipeline, boost customer loyalty, support your sales processes and keep your database up-to-date.

Our clients outsource call campaigns to us ​when they want a predictable and sustainable flow of leads, when they don’t have the budget to hire more staff, or when they need to get a lot accomplished in a very short period of time.

Inbound Services:

Answer incoming calls with the right greeting, script, and goals in mind and you’ll capture more leads along the way.

How you answer the phone is an essential, yet often overlooked component of success. Many companies simply don’t have the time, staffing, or strategies in place to maximize the value of every call.

To help our clients make the most of incoming calls during business hours, FC Gravity provides inbound call system services.  ​Answer incoming calls with the right greeting, the right script, and the right goals in mind, and you will capture more leads. Simple as that. FC Gravity inbound call center services help our clients make the most of incoming calls during business hours. There is nothing more frustrating than calling a company only to be greeted by an automated response. We’ve all been there:

Press 1 if you know your party’s extension.
Press 2 if you have a billing question.
Press 3 if you are tired of doing the work yourself!

​Our inbound call services guarantee that your customers and prospects will get a real person every time they call. What’s the value of that for your company? Better communication. Better answers to questions. Better reputation. And better sales results.

Outbound Services:

Making connections, starting conversations, generating business leads.

FC Gravity’s Outbound Call Center Marketing works great as a stand-alone lead generation tool. And it can also easily integrate with other marketing efforts such as email marketing, webinars, tradeshows, and product launches to produce even more powerful results. We are staffed to create and execute many types of campaigns including:

  • Lead Generation (cold-calling)
  • Appointment Setting (in person, teleconference, web demos)
  • Attendee Acquisition (webinars, seminars, conferences)
  • Trade Show (pre- and post-show calling)
  • Surveys (customer satisfaction, net-promoter)
  • Database Maintenance (updating decision-makers, email addresses, and opt-ins)
  • Market Research (industry insight)

​Our cold-calling methodology finds and delivers qualified leads to your sales funnel allowing your sales team to spend their valuable time doing what they do best – selling. 

Which type of call campaign will bring you closer to reaching your business goals? Contact us today!

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