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Call Center Campaign Prospectus

FC Gravity’s goal is to help you reach sustainable revenue goals and to do that your salespeople should only be talking with contacts that are interested in your product or service and are ready to talk NOW. The concept seems simple enough, yet salespeople tell us that half of their time is spent talking with the wrong contacts. View our call center campaign prospectus below to learn more about working with us.

As we dial through lists, we filter contacts by their stage of interest. The result is that your salespeople receive the yield of the SALES QUALIFIED LEADS (SQL’s). This allows your sales force to focus on selling and closing deals instead of hunting down decision makers, haggling with gatekeepers, and cold calling. The result is higher productivity and increased sales.

In the meantime, our trained Call System Representatives (CSR’s) nurture the other contacts or MARKETING QUALIFIED LEADS (MQL’s) until they are ready by providing information, resources and collateral materials needed for educating them on your company.

Are your salespeople talking to enough qualified prospects? Year after year, our systems and methodologies have proven to deliver a direct and immediate impact to our clients’ bottom line.

The below call center campaign prospectus outlines the activities and expectations of a typical FC Gravity lead generation Call Campaign. For an outline specific to your company contact us now!

 Another benefit of calling campaigns is the market insight garnered throughout the campaign – learn more here!

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