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FC Captures History Recreated

The Chimps took to the trenches, literally and figuratively, to help preserve our history.

ST. LOUIS, MO, May 20, 2014 – They call themselves the 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, a non-profit troop of recreators who stage authentic battle scenes from World War II. This year, Fat Chimp Studios, a local video production company, was invited along to capture not only the battlefield action, but to interview some of the last remaining World War II Veterans as well as a Holocaust survivor.

Staged at Jefferson Barracks, a VA facility in south St. Louis, the recreation featured restored period jeeps, halftracks, rifles and machine guns from the era, and of course American and German uniforms. Some uniforms are the originals, some had to be authentic recreations. After all, the average height and weight of an American soldier in World War II was 5′ 8″, 160 lbs.

The five man Fat Chimp crew shot for two days embedded with both sides in battle, which included blank live fire to create realism. More than just an exercise in recreation, the 2nd Rangers were host to thousands of spectators and hundreds of middle and high school students who were given special access to the battle scenes. Education is a big part of the weekend. The footage shot by Fat Chimp Studios will be a part of that effort. Three minute videos will be used for a new interactive display planned by the group. The interviews with World War II Veterans will be used to honor and preserve the memories of the brave men and women who served our country during the war.

Fat Chimp Studios donated our time and expertise to this great cause. Being a part of this special opportunity to preserve an American history that is quickly fading from memory was reward enough for us. Our special thanks to the 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, who invite you to visit their website at


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