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Fat Chimp Loves Chess

What happens in Vegas… gets published in the BBC News?!

Fat Chimp Studios has just finished up their live coverage of the first ever $1 million dollar prize chess tournament. Where? In exciting Las Vegas, of course! Contrary to the motto, instead of staying in Vegas, the broadcast was streamed live worldwide via the Millionaire Chess website. Some Fat Chimp footage of the event even made it’s way all the way into a BBC video article!




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Here at Fat Chimp Studios, we’re all about delivering unique high quality video. That’s why we were excited to journey out to Las Vegas to cover the Millionaire Chess Open 2014, the first open chess tournament in history to guarantee one million dollars in prize winnings! Naturally, Fat Chimp jumped at the opportunity to take on this multifaceted project and live stream it to the world.

Building Millionaire Chess

Work began back in Fat Chimp Studios’ home base during pre-production. Our talented team of editors and 3D animators worked with our experienced producers to create a collection of animated opens, closes, and transitions and a sports-style graphics package. We would later combine these pre-produced elements on-the-fly with live footage of matches and commentary from chess Grand Masters to create a visually seamless live broadcast of the tournament.

On the floor at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Vegas, the Fat Chimp crew conceived and built a custom set for the tournament. This allowed the Grand Masters to efficiently commentate and analyze the tournament in real-time directly to the viewers. This five-day live streamed event was completely produced and directed by our Chimps. As you can see, we were involved in every aspect of the production process.

View a sample recording of the seamless broadcast here.



The Millionaire Chess Open isn’t the only chess event we’ve worked with here at Fat Chimp Studios. We partnered with the Chess Club & Scholastic Center of St. Louis to live stream their events including the 2014 Chess Championship and most recently the 2nd annual Sinquefield Cup. During the live stream of the Sinquefield Cup, there were a total of 157,000 individual visitors to our stream. View that video and blog here.

If your company is in need of a fantastic live stream, a great set, 3D animation, and on site segment production – or maybe a collection of them all – give Fat Chimp Studios a call. We can create your video vision and stream it to the world!

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