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About Fat Chimp LIVE!

Fat Chimp LIVE! is your partner for live streaming and live broadcast television.  Whatever your live event, the professionals at Fat Chimp LIVE! can help you get it to your audience through the internet, or over the broadcast airways.

Our 40 Foot High Definition Mobile Production Unit can deliver your live event to an audience all over the world through the power of internet streaming. With the capacity of up to 24 cameras and multi-input live stereo audio, Fat Chimp LIVE! can deliver network quality programs with animated graphics and slo-motion. View the truck’s specs here!

Fat Chimp LIVE! handles every detail including crewing and formatting your program. We crew the best camera operators, announcers, sideline reporters, and technical staff to help capture all the action. We can also assist with scheduling event staff and other elements such as food service and crowd control.

Fat Chimp LIVE! produces everything from logo animation to big booming opens and quality features that will set your show apart. Every great live show has important pre-produced features that give the audience background information and important graphic content to help your program come to life, the professionals at Fat Chimp can produce it all.

At Fat Chimp LIVE! the show is not complete until you have all of your elements from highlight sizzle reels to YouTube replays, we will produce elements that you can use long after your live program has ended.  We will also cover your event in still photography, so that you can use images on social media and your web page. It’s time to give your local event the network feel it deserves! View our live productions, events, and sports video portfolios!

Contact Fat Chimp LIVE! today and find out why our shows stand out from the crowd.

Events We Serve:

  • Sports
  • Corporate Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Guest Speakers
  • Live Entertainment
  • Webinars
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Infomercials

Learn more about our broadcast TV truck on our blog.

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