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Employee Recruiting Video

From Fortune 500 companies to a mom and pop shops, recruiting is one of the most important things businesses do. Without a strong, consistent recruiting effort, businesses can quickly hollow out from the inside due to stale ideas, unmotivated employees and an overall lack of fresh blood.

Producing a high-quality professional recruiting video allows you to show off your organization and staff. The potential employee can walk down the halls of your office through a virtual tour, hear firsthand accounts from their peers about the atmosphere, and listen to customers describe their experience. It’s also important to highlight your community. From the schools and parks to restaurants, entertainment, and nightlight. A recruiting video, gives potential employees an idea of what life outside of work can be like.

Fat Chimp Studios worked with Jefferson Regional Hospital to produce a video to entice physicians and nurses to their hospital just south of St. Louis, Missouri. Take a look at the completed video; which they use in their marketing efforts, on their website, and when meeting with potential employees.

The Fat Chimp team and Jefferson Regional team had such a great experience working together that Rick Fischer, Director of Marketing, came to our studios to talk about the experience. Watch the video case study!

Are you ready to get started on your high-quality professional recruiting video? Contact us now to get started!

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