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Hear The Crack of the Bat

Even though they’re a top player in the sports equipment industry, Rawlings recognized that to hit a real home run, the latest addition to their roster of products needed a video that would educate and excite. This past spring, video production company Fat Chimp Studios was drafted to produce a promotional piece for Rawlings 2Legit, their latest brand of bats for softball athletes of all ages.

To communicate the special design and effectiveness of the 2Legit brand, Fat Chimp teamed live-action footage with intricate 3D animation. A stellar fourteen year-old softball player met the production crew at a local batting cage facility for a demo, where her picture-perfect swing was captured at 240 frames-per-second. This footage, which one viewer described as being like “classic ESPN,” gives an idea of what athletes can expect from Rawlings 2Legit’s in-game effectiveness.

But looks aren’t everything. To illustrate 2Legit’s state-of-the-art “2×4” technology, Fat Chimp’s 3D animators created a digital version of the bat’s four-piece design, which helps hitters hit the softball harder and farther. Even at 240 frames-per-second, depicting the barrel’s “trampoline effect” with the necessary amounts of accuracy and detail would have been almost impossible without the artistry of Fat Chimp’s talented animators, who worked closely with Rawlings experts to ensure the science under the aluminum was correct and easy-to-follow.

The video needed only some minor color treatment and a robot-like voiceover to round the bases. The result is a legitimate grand-slam example of how live footage and 3D animation can be combined to teach an audience about the products they need to be successful in any field.

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