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Broadcasting Demonstrations Live!

We’ve already discussed how live streaming webinars can help engage your audience and result in better, more sales-ready leads and a quick ROI.¬† Several of our 2013 live webinars are proof of that. Our clients told us that these webinars helped them to directly reach their customers in an effective, straightforward manner. Plus they really enjoyed the added benefit of being able to do product demonstrations live via streaming technology.

Have you ever been to the webinar where a software or an aspect of a product was presented but didn’t quite get across all its qualities? With live streaming webinars the possibilities are endless. Show a 360 degree view of the product. Remove panels to show connectors. Demonstrate product interactivity – with other products and people. You’re no longer limited to what you can show on a power point slide. The Fat Chimp team of writers is here to help you outline your presentation and set the stage to show your product in its best light.

Take a look at this recent demonstration of our client, Computime’s 10ZiG Zignature Pad. From the demonstrator’s perspective, we captured the signing process by setting up two additional overhead cameras allowing viewers to see how user-friendly the pad actually is. With our multi-touch screen control panel we switched between the three primary cameras and the two overhead cameras to make viewers feel as if they were in the studio watching the demonstration.

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