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Fat Chimp Welcomes Ted Sloan!

Published on Wednesday, 17 August 2016 01:08 17:20

Ted Sloan joins Fat Chimp Studios with a twenty year history in television & video production industry. You could say his resume has a little something for everyone. As a producer on over 30 television productions in Hollywood and over a hundred hours of content, from shows like “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” and Oprah’s “The Big Give” to “Preachers of L.A.”. He’s produced and directed both scripted and reality television shows, national ad campaigns, corporate video packages, and the occasional music video. As the Executive In Charge of Production for Skyy Rockett Entertainment, he’s been responsible for developing and supervising productions both big and small and producing everything from game shows and talk shows to competition reality shows and documentaries. (more…)

A Year of Video Production Adventure

Published on Thursday, 21 January 2016 20:01 17:20

2016 is a year of adventure. The Fat Chimp will guide you through the jungle that is video production. Your Treasure Map is each issue of our eNewsletter highlighting what is going on in our jungle: from client videos and behind-the-scenes shoots to marketing campaigns and amazing animation and graphics. First up:


Video Production Truths

There are a couple of truths about the video business:

  • Video is a powerful tool to tell your story.
  • No two stories are alike.


Why Illustrate?

Published on Monday, 11 January 2016 19:01 17:20

One way to make your video stand out from all the rest is to give it a unique look. While specialty cameras and well-composed lighting can certainly help with this, a hand-drawn illustration is something special. Fat Chimp’s team of talented artists have created illustrated logos, characters, and products for use in videos, websites, trade show materials, sales presentations and other marketing collateral. Creating a character through illustration gives the artist the flexibility to be as creative as possible, while adhering to existing style guidelines. If you can think it, we can draw it to your specs. (more…)

Top 10 Client Videos by Views

Published on Monday, 5 October 2015 18:10 17:20
Client Videos

We have found that when our clients promote the videos that we produced for them, they get a major return on their investment. One of the indicators is the number of views their video receives. At Fat Chimp Studios, we promote client videos as well on our website portfolio, in email marketing campaigns and via social media. Below are the top 10 customer videos based upon viewership through direct e-mail marketing. When combining strategies– video, email marketing, social media, websites, etc– your video reach grows exponentially. (more…)

Top 10 Video Applications

Published on Thursday, 10 September 2015 01:09 17:20

Fat Chimp’s version of the Top 10 Video Applications:

1.Website – We originally coined this the “24 Hour Salesperson” because video can be front and center on your website all hours and days of the week. Created with a Welcome To or an About Us, your video message can be a great way to make a first impression and give viewers more information about your company.

2. Client Testimonial – An adage of ours is that self-praise is not a recommendation, and the same is probably true for you. A client or customer testimonial is a more modest way to communicate why someone should do business with you.

The End of B-Roll As We Know It

Published on Thursday, 3 September 2015 15:09 17:20

What roll? Why “b”? What year is this?

It happens frequently enough to warrant mention here: after the CEO expertly outlines the company’s mission/goals/values in the project’s key interview, the video crew’s producer begins soliciting volunteers for b-roll—a conference room scene, a hallway-walking scene, a demonstration of machinery vital to the company’s operations—and inevitably an assistant vice president will joke: “I guess I’m only good enough for the b-roll.”

Low professional self-esteem is something to consult your HR representative about, not the video producer being given a rare look behind your organization’s front desk. What video clients may not fully understand about the vague, inadequate term “b-roll” could itself fill a video promoting the high value of b-roll for any project.

As the Wikipedia entry explains in greater detail, “b-roll” is an antiquated way of distinguishing, in the most general terms, between categories of footage. In the days of celluloid film, a roll of film (from which derives the term “footage,” referring to the customary system measurement of remaining negative) would arrive in the cutting room for the editor to begin work. A piece of “a” roll would contain, say, scenes of Orson Welles digressing wittily about wartime morality, while archival newsreel of Viennese lamenting their city’s destruction would be marked “b” roll. (If you haven’t seen The Third Man—do.) In that case, the assistant vice president’s poor self-esteem is accurate: the stars are on the a-roll, everybody else is on the b-roll.

The years between then and now saw a rich history related to the rise of television and the ongoing evolution of media delivery (VHS vs. DVD) and capture media (film vs. digital); some sad, confused academic may someday perform a study of the influence of the consumer electronics revolution on the aesthetics of popular media, but that’s their cross to bear. The industry’s string of lusty flings with competing varieties of video and digital tape helped maintain the relevance of the term “b-roll” into the age of non-linear, computer-based editing systems. As of July 2015 at Fat Chimp Studios, all of our tapes live now in a few boxes on a bottom shelf in the prop room. Few video professionals use tape these days, and fewer of the biggest-budgeted Hollywood productions can afford the cost of developing a day’s worth of film depicting Tom Cruise hanging mid-air from a jet, to the dismay of cinema purists everywhere. Has it come to this?

It has. High-definition digital video is the standard for the services Fat Chimp Studios provides, which is why we hereby advocate for the banishment of terms like “filming,” “footage,” “cutting room,” and—to the pleasure of assistant vice presidents presenting “annual reports” to a CEO in a “meeting” for a scene to be used in a company overview video—the end of “b-roll” as we know it. As “footage” is replaced by information captured on high-volume digital storage devices like SD, CF, and CFast cards, as well as solid-state hard drives that can store terabytes of data at a time, we’re in the lucky position of being able to redefine our terms and innovate accordingly.

But when we talk about “supplementary data supporting what the interview subject or voiceover is describing,” we mean “b-roll.”

Top 10 Ways Fat Chimp Sets Itself Apart

Published on Wednesday, 2 September 2015 15:09 17:20

What differentiates Fat Chimp Studios, other than the name of course, from other video production companies?

1. Quality Work Within Your Budget – When people look at our work they recognize the quality right away, but what they are amazed at is that we can do something that looks like that within their budget.

2. We not only produce video, but we help you deliver the message – Whether it is on your website, part of an e-mail marketing template, or used at a live event, the marketing side of our business can help where others leave off.

Example Fat Chimp Newsletter

Published on Thursday, 20 August 2015 15:08 17:20

One of the many ways to use video is to incorporate it into your email marketing strategy. Below is an example Fat Chimp newsletter layout and design used to engage viewers with both informative content and interesting videos. (more…)

Using Client Testimonial Videos

Published on Tuesday, 11 August 2015 17:08 17:20

After a successful video project, we often go back and capture client testimonial videos. Many times it’s more important for future clients to hear from past clients what they experienced when working with Fat Chimp. We feel like the honest testimony from a client can hold more wait than just us selling ourselves.

We just finished a series of client testimonial videos, or case studies, to reinforce our message of why potential customers should work with Fat Chimp. In this last set of testimonials, we asked a worldwide distribution company, medical tools manufacturing company and a local bank to describe their experience with us. They all were kind enough to express their very positive outcomes with us. (more…)

3D Logo – A First Impression in Motion

Published on Wednesday, 29 July 2015 19:07 17:20

When we start working with a new client for a video project, one of the first questions we ask is, “Have you thought about an animated 3D logo?” Your company name can come alive with a little treatment from our animators. In many cases, your company logo has already gone through a lot of scrutiny to give just the right impression and we know how sensitive tweaking your logo can be. But for web use and video applications, motion is everything. A 3D logo sends the message that “Our name is very important to us, we’re proud of what we do, and our operation is first class.” (more…)

St. Louis Magazine Excellence in Nursing Awards

Published on Monday, 13 July 2015 08:07 17:20


Fat Chimp completed an event video for the St. Louis Magazine Excellence in Nursing Awards that asked a big question: What makes a nurse awesome?

St. Louis Magazine Excellence in Nursing Awards

This April, a grand marquee that usually shows passersby which newly-released blockbuster is playing at Chase Park Plaza Cinemas in St. Louis shared space with a special event being held in the hotel’s Khorassan Ballroom. Fat Chimp Studios partnered with event host St. Louis Magazine to produce the three-hour evening’s key feature: a 17-minute video compiling profiles of sixteen nurses nominated to receive this year’s Excellence in Nursing Awards, a tribute to the hard work of nurses across a variety of disciplines who daily help patients live healthier, happier lives. (more…)

3D Animated Product Display

Published on Monday, 22 June 2015 18:06 17:20

Fat Chimp Studios just completed a product video demo for Watlow Electric, one of the largest manufacturers of heating/cooling and control units in the world. They are rolling out a new controller that will do the job of several controls in a compact, fully programmable state of the art unit. (more…)

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