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Why Add Closed Captioning?

Blog - Closed Captioning

If you can hear well, you may have never thought about Closed Captioning. But if you’re one of the nearly 10M hard-of-hearing folks in the US or one of 70M profoundly deaf people in the world, it’s not the subtitles you’re concerned with – it’s the lack of subtitles. Automatic transcriptions are a start, but they are about as useful as automatic translation services. It’s awesome that YouTube can attempt to auto-transcript English, and it’s an amazing piece of technology, but the results are sometimes ridiculous for any video content that isn’t a newsreader.

Transcribing isn’t as easy as you’d think. People talk A LOT faster than the average typist. And not just anyone can do it. Which is why Fat Chimp offers Closed Captioning for all videos, commercials, animations, etc.

Why Should Your Company Add Closed Captioning To Its Videos?

It’s beneficial to your bottom dollar.

Captions are searchable and increase SEO value.

Captions allow users to watch your video at work or other places where having the sound on might not be appropriate.

With YouTube’s built in translator, captions files can be added in English and then translated to other languages at the video viewer’s request.

Are you ready to add Closed Captioning to your next project? Contact us today to get started!


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