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3D Logo – A First Impression in Motion

When we start working with a new client for a video project, one of the first questions we ask is, “Have you thought about an animated 3D logo?” Your company name can come alive with a little treatment from our animators. In many cases, your company logo has already gone through a lot of scrutiny to give just the right impression and we know how sensitive tweaking your logo can be. But for web use and video applications, motion is everything. A 3D logo sends the message that “Our name is very important to us, we’re proud of what we do, and our operation is first class.”

A 3D logo can also be the first impression. We have created many logos that immediately give the viewer a feel for what our clients do, what product or service they provide, and even a feeling of the culture of the company. Take a look at these recently created 3D logos. Pay attention to the “feel” they represent. We have made many versions of our own Fat Chimp logo to capture a wide variety of the types of video projects we are involved with. Take a look:


We know you love your logo. Committees have spent hours making sure it’s just right. But you should consider customizing your logo for certain projects. A 3D animated logo can take the original design in many directions. And while the basic look remains, adding additional elements in and around your logo can bring it to life. It’s as simple as telling our talented animators what impression you would like to make, and they can come up with half a dozen ideas for your approval.

On your next video project, let us bring your company logo to life with a 3D logo. We take your most important brand and turn your first impression into motion. It’s a small adjustment that makes a huge difference.

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