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3D Animated Product Display

Fat Chimp Studios just completed a product video demo for Watlow Electric, one of the largest manufacturers of heating/cooling and control units in the world. They are rolling out a new controller that will do the job of several controls in a compact, fully programmable state of the art unit.

One spinoff of the Watlow project is a full high definition 3D animated product display view of the control unit giving the viewer a chance to take a full tour of the product simply by manipulating the picture with a mouse. Take the F4T Controller for a spin.

We did the same treatment for Rawlings, the sporting goods people.

Bringing your product into full 3D view will give your customers the ability to carefully examine every aspect before making a purchase. Many companies offer an online catalog that lets you zoom in and out on their products and may even have several views of the front and back, but we think you’ll agree that this amazing full 3D look goes far beyond that traditional display.

Fat Chimp can build a web model using WebGL technology that allows complete manipulation of any object. We even had a little fun with our Fat Chimp mask.

If you’re company sells products that require your client to do a complete examination before a purchase, our 3D animated product display technique with full viewer control is a great way to go. We encourage you to contact us for a cost estimate to let us bring your inventory to life.

Click on any of the images below to see the product in 3D!

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